An important silver, the one won by the athlete of Spello at the Italian Junior Championships of freestyle wrestling that took place at the Ostia PalaPellicone, Saturday, March 5. A medal that leads the wrestler - coached by his cousin Jorge Mosquera and Paolo Iannetti - in the rose of the national athletes. He has been able to handle two difficult fights, imposing his rhythm and his techniques both standing and on the ground, earning the right to fight the final against the strong athlete of Naples, Virgilio Guarino. A final, unfortunately, in favor of the Neapolitan who had no great difficulty beating our athlete.
Back in the competitions, after a long period of forced stop, Lenin Ruiz Mosquera, who manages to climb up to the seventh place in the rankings, losing against an athlete with whom in the past he always won: "He paid the consequences of a long break from the fights - tells technician Alvaro Fontanella - but he has what it takes to grow and achieve great results". Yet another success of the team of brothers Famà, that after the excellent result obtained at the Wresling Absolutes, proves to be a team that plays an important role in the national stage of wrestling.