The Absolute Italian Championships of freestyle wrestling held in the sports hall of Ostia Fijlkam. The Kodokan Judo Spello of the Famà brothers obtained an excellent eighth place in the general category, participating with 8 athletes: Battistoni Filippo, Giacomo Fiorucci, Bartoni Giacomo, Michele Damiani, Luca Giulietti, Gramaccioni Giacomo, Bartoni Gabriele, Paccamonti Edoardo.
This result was achieved with a great team performance, which clearly consolidates activities and also denotes a sports vivacity in the club. As for individual performances it is to report the performance of Paccamonti Edoardo who, after two fights won by clear superiority, was about to win a final for a medal. Unfortunately an injury forced the athlete to abound the competition, who has nevertheless achieved an excellent 7th place in the ranking. For technician Alvaro Fontanella, Paccamonti showed a great improvement in the technical and tactical combat, also supported by a timely execution of his training programs. Also praised the behavior of the other competing athletes who have achieved an excellent club results, thanks to the activity of the social coaches Paolo Iannetti and Jorge Mosquera Ruiz.