A great silver for Giacomo Gramaccioni in the Italian Absolutes of wrestling. On Saturday, December 5th, in the Palaruffini of Turin, gathered the strongest wrestlers of Italy to compete for the most coveted title. Even the strong team of Spello showed up with a fierce and competitive team: Michael Balzana, who last year won a bronze medal in the 60 kg. category, has paid the price of the upgrade of category with this first experience in the 65 kg. It hasn’t gone as smoothly as hoped: Michael was eliminated in the first round against the athlete who then reached the lowest step of the podium. Nothing to do for Giacomo Bartoni and Edoardo Paccamonti, who was expected to reach a placement of relief but unfortunately was eliminated in the first round.
At this point, Giacomo Gramaccioni, several times medallist in the Italian championships class and in the Italian Cup, gained a great number of victories against athletes of great experience; in the first meeting he beat one of the title contenders, the athlete of Palermo Campi, then 3rd classified. Only in the final he surrendered against the athlete of Livorno Simone Iannatoni, still fighting with great tenacity, even if the the gap between the two athletes is still years away. Thanks to Giacomo’s performance, the team of Spello came in eleventh position in the national rankings, a fully respectable result. Words of praised for the success of Giacomo were spent by the technical staff of the association of brothers Famà, composed by the technicians Alvaro Fontanella, Paolo Iannetti, Jorge Ruiz Mosquera, who always follow these guys with great passion and enthusiasm.