The penultimate contest of the Grand Prix, held in Catania on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th June, ends wonderfully for the two athletes of brothers Famà, Gloria Giacomucci and Benedetta Baroni. A heavy silver has been conquered by the young, but promising Benedetta who, thanks to this important result, climbed the top of the national ranking in the 48 kg category and placed herself in 12th place. And thanks to the young Benedetta, the association of Spello succeeded also in placing itself in sixth position in the final ranking.
Excellent ninth place, however, for Gloria in the cadets category, 57 kg, who - despite his youth - always shows her incredible determination, although, sometimes, because of his excessive exuberance, suffers setbacks in meetings in which she has a clear advantage. A praise for the trip goes to the accompanist, Cristiano Damiani, and to the excellent technician Giannicola Casale, olympic athlete and fifth classified at the world championships.
Closed the first semester of this agonistic season, the preparation continued with the participation in the training camp in Norcia of a large delegation of Spello: Alessio Cecera, Michael and Daniele Sciabola (from X2 Spoleto), Giacomo Benedetti, Matteo Murasecco, Fabio Napolitano, Gloria Giacomucci, Benedetta and Maddalena Baroni, Michael Balzana, Binucci Alessandro, Luca Giulietti, Massimo Mancini Filippo Battistoni.
Interesting event, that of Cascia, where athletes of the Italian, German and Greek national teams, as well as prominent athletes of the national Army, Police Forces, famous Clubs of Lazio and others, have confronted with our boys, who by themselves have performed well. This initiative was promoted and wanted by the components of the judo sector of the regional committee, Leonardo Perini, Giuseppe Famà and Stefano Poeta. We hope that this initiative will be revived in the coming years, in the beautiful setting of the green Umbrian town.