A tournament that saw the participation of 24 companies from Umbria, Lazio, Campania and Marche. The numbers of the participants are interesting and the technical level expressed by these young people is relevant, given the young age. Everything went well and the competitions, both in the morning and in the evening, lasted less than two hours, a very reasonable time; that has been appreciated by the large audience, composed mainly by relatives and friends. The praise for the success of the event goes to all the members of the association of Spello with his athletes, coaches, counselors and parents who have done their best to make the event pleasant and engaging. A sincere thanks goes to the jury presidents Sara Cipriani, Giorgia and Walter Binucci for their hard work and to the arbitrators Borio, Fauli and Ruelle, and finally to the technicians who have given their availability to arbitrate the afternoon performance of the young mini judokas. Guest of honor was the new mayor of Spello Moreno Landrini that has spared no praise for the efforts of the tireless society of brothers Famà.