At the Macaluso Trophy, held on Saturday, January 17th in Calenzano, the young Gloria Giacomucci has won a bronze medal in the difficult 52 kg category; Gloria has distinguished herself with many ippons techniques but she has lost, because of a trivial mistake, the chance to stand on the top step of the podium. In the senior class, up to brown belt, gold medal for Patryk Stojecki in the 90 kg category, and a bronze one for Luca Giulietti in the 73 kg category. After the Tuscan competition, eyes fixed on the four samurais, Massimo Mancini, Giacomo Fiorucci, Carlo Kallcishta and Gloria Giacomucci, who, oh Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th will step into the arena of Palagetur of Lignano Sabbiadoro to conquer a place of honor in the first competition of the 2015 Grand Prix.