The 2014 edition, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Monegasque Federation of Judo, has inaugurated the unusual formula of the team competition: there were eight clubs, the only absents were Japan and England. The team of Spello, with four loans, two absolute champions (Fabio Andreoli and Pablo Tomasetti) and the No. 2 in the national ranking, Matteo Celesti, has done all that he could, but there was nothing to do against the titled teams, nationals and clubs, with Olympic, world and European athletes and champions ... so on and so forth! The Umbrians have been defeated, 5 to 2, against Sucy Judo, No. 4 in France and third classified in the Tournament of Monaco 2011, which surprisingly beated Georgia, they lost head-on against the super Russian team, with 7 to 0 and 5 to 2 in the third meeting, beyond any questionable judgment. An amazing experience for Michael Balzana (60 kg.), Alessandro Binucci (81 kg.) And Filippo Battistoni (over 100 kg.) The team had been prepared by the the coach Giuseppe Fama. c.n. 6 dan and by Michele Damiani and Daniele Piermaria.