An excellent performance, that of the boys trained by the technicians Alvaro Fontanella and Paolo Iannetti in last leg of the circuit of the Italian Cup: a medal around the necks of the promising young Lenin Fernando Mosquera and of his brother Jorge and also of Giacomo Bartoni. Lenin’s performance has been constant during the whole competition, confirming the good technical level reached by the young hope of Spello: "Nothing to say or complain, certainly the three victories out of four matches were very promising and we were hoping for a more prestigious placement, but a "diabolical" mechanism has led our bearer to conclude the competition with a third place - says - the charge of the company - but that’s it. We are confident, however, that the in the next rounds, the young Mosquera will be respected. " A bit of bitterness for the performance, not so good, of the quoted Jorge Mosquera, back from a flu that has affected the performance of the even good wrestler of Spello. An unexpected medal for Giacomo Bartoni, but the commitment and the sacrifices have certainly borne tangible fruits. A well deserved fifteenth place in the final of the Italian Cup for the Umbrian society that confirms the strength of a team, at the top for ten years. No time to rest on our laurels and Spello wrestlers have already rolled up their sleeves for the upcoming major events: the Italian championships class are upon us and the desire to reach the summit pushes the boys to do their best.