A gold medail for Massimo Mancini in the Bellizzi Tournament, the last leg of the Grand Prix, and the first place in the final of the National Ranking. A great satisfaction for Kodokan Spello that sees his top athlete winning the 2014 Grand Prix of Italy and, with this goal, the concrete possibility to find a space in the national team. Three matches played, all ended before the end, thanks to the power and perfection of the technical movements which rewarded Maurizio with three wonderful ippons. The young of Spello has received the compliments of the leading experts, present at the competition, impressing the judges with his tenacity and his determination: we should thank, for their work and for the excellent level reached by the pupil of the brothers Famà, the athletic preparator Ilaria Silvani of Terni and one of the most outstanding athletes of Umbrian Judo Daniele Sciabola, from the Spoleto’s company X2, the flagship of Leonardo Perini, Vice President of the Sector, who - with commitment and dedication - trains in Spello two times a week with the young Massimo. It overshadowed the performance of the young, but promising, Gloria Giacomucci, out in the first round, returned to competition after a short break due to physical problems: however, the potential of the young womann gives hope for the future. Good, however, the performance of Giacomo Fiorucci, an athlete who everytime shows during the competition the reached technical level, who performed well also in the Bellizzi Trophy.