A silver medal for Binucci and a bronze one for Filippo Battistoni at the International Tournament "Eretum". It ends wonderfully the last proof of the Grand Prix, held in Monterotondo of Rome on Sunday October 26th, for the Spello team of brothers Famà. A heavy silver has been conquered by the samurai Alessandro Binucci in the 81 kg category, a result that led him to the top of the National Ranking: now the direct qualification to the finals of the Italian absolutes is a certainty. The competion has been full of emotions, with Alexander focused and sure of his potential: four matches won, three of these before the limit. Beaten in the quarter the No. 1 ranking, Rubini of Parma, with two wonderful techniques evaluated waza-ari, who in the semifinals has exceeded the italian champion Barillari of Torino. A superb test, then, but in the final, the Umbrian samurai has been defeated, for a penalty, by a respectable opponent, Chierici of Arezzo, who was already several times on the national Podium. A bronze medal for Filippo Battistoni, in the over 100 kg category, consolidates its position at the national top and the qualification for the absolutes is now guaranteed. The young Michael Balzana fights with all his forces in a difficult category, the 66 kg, and succeeds in placing to 7th place with three matches to his credit. Good performance also for Luca Giulietti, Michele Damiani, Patryk Stojecki, Giacomo Fiorucci e Giacomo Gramaccioni, athletes that have proved to be able to fight on equal terms against anyone.