After a short summer break, the trainings of the senior and youth team start again with even greater vigor and enthusiasm, in anticipation of the upcoming challenging appointments. The gym was closed only the week of August 12th to 18th, immediately after the trip to Sicily. The college, held from 4th to 11th August in Furci Siculo by technic Gian Nicola Casale, has galvanized the group of Spello, composed by the very young Riccardo Tartaglini, Luca Gasparrini, Matteo Murasecco and Carlo Kallcishta and by the seniors Michael Balzana, Alessandro Binucci, Cristiano Damiani Filippo Battistoni and by the head of the delegation Daniel Piermaria. A busy week of preparation and study under the careful direction of Olympian John Casale, that has given so many great satisfactions to the italian Judo, allowed the young athlets of Spello to perfectionate some movements and some technical moves. Not only judo but also much fun, sea, river and trips to the Alcantara Gorge in the free time were important gatherings. By the end of September it will start getting serious, when three athlets of the agonistic team will descend into the arena of the indoor stadium in Belgrade for a leg of the European Cup: Michele Damiani and Alessandro Binucci in the 81 kg category and Filippo Battistoni in the over 100 kg category. Classes will be held at the Sports Palace of Spello in the same hours and days of the previous year, from Monday to Friday: information and registrations are given every day from 18 to 20. The classes start again also at the gym of the Elementary School Santa Caterina di Foligno, judo lessons on Monday and Thursday from 17 to 18.30.