Amazing performance from the wrestlers of Spello Paolo Iannetti and Michael Balzana (both got on the lowest rung of the podium) at the Absolute Italian Freestyle competition that took place Saturday, March 8 at the Palatennistavolo of Terni. While for Iannetti the medal was easily predictable, for Balzana it was a great surprise. For Paolo, the bronze medal represented the crowning of a career at high level, which began several years ago under the careful and meticulous guidance of Master Lupi, and ended in the achievement of the age limit, the fateful 35 years: "I have given so much but I have also received a lot from this sport, I will miss a lot the excitement to fight in an absolute competition, even if it is my intention to conclude the competitive spirit in November with the Italian Cup in Perugia, the city where I grew up. I thank all those who supported and have been close to me in this latest adventure, especially my friends and teammates, Jorge and Edoardo, and the brothers Giulio and Giuseppe who always believed in me". While Iannetti concluded a great experience, the young Michael moves towards a meteoric climb of the Italian summits. In the last two months he only trained Greco-roman Wrestling, abandoning temporarily his passion, judo. The baton passes into the hands of the young Balzana, category 61 kg, who said: "I owe everything to my technical Paolo Iannetti, who had to endure my whims, and who followed me and encouraged me to believe in my ability. A great venture achieved thanks to the Master Alvaro Fontanella, technician of my club and Regional Technical Commissioner, Jonathan Molfino and the Regional Vice President, Luciano Pierini: without them I would not have ever made it". But the whole team of Spello shines, thanks to the seventh place of Alfonso Argenio and the good positionings of Michele Damiani, Giacomo Gramaccioni, Elia Angelucci and Jacopo Grandolini.