Great competition for the young wrestler of Spello Jordy Pino Suarez who reached the fifth place at the recent Italian Championships of Greco-Roman Wrestling.
An exemplary fight behavior, that of the young wrestler trained by coach Paolo Iannetti and George Mosquera Ruiz, who allowed him to get one little step away from the podium. Saturday, March 16, at the Palafijlkam of Ostia, Jordy faced against very tough opponents. In the first fight, he gave up only at the third round, losing by a mere point. In the retrieves, Jordy defeated two wrestlers before reaching the final for the third place: a fight that started good for Jordy, who won the first round 10 to 5. He easily controlled the second round until a few seconds before the end, when the opponent exploited an error and stole him the bronze medal. Too bad, because everything seemed to go the right way: but the Umbrian showed to have the potential to become a great Greco-Roman fighter, a very difficult style. Jordy competed in the category of 53 kg, assisted by Michele Damiani, several times medalist at the championships of class. The next event scheduled are the finals of the Italian Cadets Championships in April, where Jordy has promised a surprise and for that, he is training very hard. Nothing to be done, however, for Carletto Kallchista and Klevis Zeneli, too young and inexperienced, but motivated by enthusiasm.