Bronze for society conquered by the Kodokan Spello at the Trophy "Giano of Umbria" held in Terni Saturday, March 2nd.
Excellent performance of the team Spello that, thanks to the performance of the samurais Jordy Suarez (3rd class.), Lenin Mosquera Ruiz (11th class.), Giacomo Fiorucci (2nd class.), Michael Balzana (3rd class.), Giacomo Gramaccioni (3rd class.), Andrea Biasin (5th class.), Michele Damiani (2nd class.), Alessandro Binucci (5th class.) and Patryk Stojecki (5th class.), who made it possible to place the team behind the teams Florida of Rome and the Star Club of Naples. The experience of black belt Stefano Almanzi, for the occasion on board carpet, allowed the boys of Spello to face the competition with enthusiasm.