Who/Where we are

The A.S.D. JUDO KODOKAN SAMURAI SPELLO takes its first steps back in 1971 through the efforts and passion of Maestro Sesio Famà who, seeking greater disclosure of judo in the area, - after the positive experiences of Spoleto Castel Ritaldi, Umbria Giano and, finally, Foligno - promotes a first course of Judo, which was held in a hall of the ARCI of Spello, and then - given its success and the wide response of the public about this initiative - continues without interruption, supported at first by his son Giuseppe, and subsequently by his younger brother Giulio.

The difficulties finding a space where the athletes could practice the activity (that until about three years ago, when the town of Spello completed the new Sports Hall) did not prevent the club of Spello to achieve important national and international results, gaining the recognition by CONI - represented by Dr. Pescante – of the Bronze medal for sport merit.

In its ranks, the Judo Kodokan Spello counts national and international champions including, among others: Pascucci Leonardo, Italian champion, who won 15 medals in the national finals (2nd in the annual ranking for 8 consecutive years), 3rd place at the European Team Championships (for the Yellow Flames), and on the podium in the most prestigious international tournaments in the world (France, Spain, Holland and others); Filippo Battistoni (5th at the Russian Challenge in Moscow in 2005 and several times medalist at the italian Championships), Marco Ronchetti, Meniconi Stefania, Argenio Alfonso and Baldelli Filippo convoked in several occasions by the Italian National Team, and more time medalists at the Italian Championships; the old glory Famà Giulio, Italian class Champion, who fought in the National Team from 1976 to 1984 (5th at the World University Championships in Finland and 5th in the pre-Olympics in Yugoslavia for Moscow 1980); Merulli Marcello (several times on the national podium and 3rd in Gothenburg in 1985); Palella Cristiano (b.b. 5th dan) and Roberto Diotallevi. In 37 years the club of Spello conquered more than 50 black belts.

All this is the result of the will of the brothers Famà and technicians Antonio Brutti, Diotallevi Roberto and Pambianco Massimiliano, without forgetting the athletes, the managers, the advisors and the factotum Giancarlo Battistoni, Secretary of FIJLKAM, Damiani Claudio, Biasin Franco, Balzana Stephen and many others, who with their “work” contributed to achieve a dream that still continues.