The podium conquered Sunday, October 25th in the last competition of the grand prix, strengthens the position of the giant of Spello at the top of the rankings: with two matches won before the end-time and a defeat for sanctions against the more times medalist Fabio Dell'Anna, the athlete of Spello proves to be healthy and ready for the absolutes final. Fifth in the national ranking, the samurai of Spello is already qualified by right for the finals of the Absolute Championships in Turin on 12 December, a comforting result that bodes well for the future. Also his teammate Alessandro Binucci, who returns in the competitive scene after an enforced break due to health problems, earns its place at the finals in Turin. The athlete won the seventh place in the qualifying tournament of Monterotondo, and after five fights he concludes the circuit of international competitions, conquering the eighth place in the national ranking and becoming one of the best athletes in Italy. Nothing to do for Michael Balzana, Giacomo Fiorucci, Michele Damiani, Luca Giulietti, Patryk Stojecki and Benedetta Baroni.