At the third and final stage of the Italian Cup which took place in Perugia Saturday, October 17, three athletes of the Kodokan Spello get on the podium. The race ends with a sixth place for the club in the final ranking. Silver for Jordy Suarez, with three victories in four matches fought, and two bronzes for the expert and titled wrestlers Edoardo Paccamonti and Jorge Armando Mosquera, a positive result that bodes well for the next absolute championships that will held in Turin in December. See the Photos!
While the wrestlers were sweating on the parterre of Perugia, their judoka teammates experienced an interesting and exciting training session with the internationally renowned coach Davide Carli of Rimini who, assisted by the equally known professional Gabriele Fabbri, will handle the preparation of the agonists of Spello: an important collaboration that will prepare the samurais of Spello to face the next fights. For them the most important event will be the Italian Absolute Championship that will be hosted in Turin in December.