A Massimo Mancini in great shape conquer two medals at the Grand Prix, held in Catania on saturday 14th and sunday 15th at the Palalivatino of Alicastello (CT): gold medal in the cadets competition, where Massimo is the italian champion 2014, and bronze medal in the juniores category. In the cadets competition, the Spello’s citizen doesn’t give escape to the opponents, he presses them from the very beginning and ends always before the limit, thanks to the spectacular techniques, evaluated ippon. The highest step of the podium is his, proving that he is at the time, in the 90 kg category, the strongest italy’s cadet. The day after, the Spello’s warrior has arrived on the area of fighting with the intention to repeat the success achieved in the cadets competition, but the semifinal meeting, one way, concludes with a bitter defeat: three yukos and three admonitions of the opponent weren’t enough to be right on a though judokas, who managed to perform a technique evaluaded waza-ri.
Not at all demoralized, Massimo goes on the Tatami and wins in thirty seconds the match and the bronze medal, a great result that allows him to move to the ranking position and to obtain the right to participate to the European Cup, reserved to the Juniores. “A result that rewards the efforts of Massimo, who, under the careful and responsible direction of the physical trainer Ilaria Silvani of Terni, has already made big strides and notable improvements from the athletic point of view, as he has demonstrated during the competition” said the technic Giulio Famà. Good performance also for Giacomo Fiorucci in the 66 kg category juniores, who after having won the first match and lost the second through injury, was unable to play the matches of recovery. Still too young, instead, Gloria Giacomucci, who in the 57 kg category, is overwhelmed by the more experienced opponents, but has enormous potentials to be exploited; in the long run she can give great satisfactions to the club of Spello. Meanwhile the athletic preparation goes on in brother’s Famà gym, in anticipation of the future competions, that already in september will see the Judokas of Spello engaged on the tatamis of all Europe.