Great gold won by the samurai of Spello, Alessandro Binucci, at the internationals of Bellinzona. Saturday, May 3, the 34th Tournament took place in the vibrant city of Switzerland, and the athlete coached by the brothers Famà impressed for the supremacy demonstrated during the competition. In the final, due to a little mistake committed in the fight at the ground, he got in disadvantage for waza-ari, but the comeback was relentless and after three penalties for passivity inflicted to the opponent Binucci conquered the victory with a superb tai-otoshi ippon. Good also the fifth place of Filippo Battistoni, who after four fights stopped one step away from the podium: a performance that nonetheless bodes well for the future engagements of May, university cup and Italian Cup. Also their teammates have demonstrated their abilities in the qualification of the Italian Cup held in Torgiano, where they conquered the right to participate at the Italian Cup final scheduled for May 31 in Follonica. In addition we cannot forget the exciting performance of the team at the International Tournament held in La Louviere in France, where Jordy Suarez, Gloria Giacomucci, Lenin Mosquera and Massimo Mancini won the gold medal and Luca Gasparrini, Carlo Kallcishta and Matteo Murasecco placed fifth. Special accompanist was the Vice Mayor of Foligno, Stefania Mancini, for a competition sponsored by the Belgian twin town. Nothing to do for Massimo Mancini, who didn’t win any points for the European Championship in the competitions of Zagreb, Coimbra and Pitesti.