Double bronze achieved by the samurais of Spello, Alessandro Binucci and Michele Damiani, at the 25th International Tournament held in St. Gallen in Switzerland Saturday, April 27.
Difficult competition, the one in Switzerland, which saw on the tatami the best athletes of the national ranking, in addition to French and Austrian athletes, but the Umbrians well-handled the fight, giving their best. At the end of the competition, in the category of 73 kg, Alessandro Binucci managed to win against four titrated judokas and only a questionable defeat stopped him from getting on the top step of the podium.
Excellent performance by Michele Damiani, in the 90 kg, who after passing three matches gained the 3rd place in a tough and competitive category, but the results show the strong growth of this athlete. Good also the performance of Andrea Biasin who, in the third round, had to surrender for a shoulder injury, which affected the performance of the expert athlete. Words of praise from the companion Daniel Piermaria and from the brothers Famà for this latest test of the team Kodokan Spello.